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Our mission: Improve every shooter at every level.

More specifically: We aim to improve 1,000,000 shooters every year.  From novice to world champion, military recruit to special forces, we provide tech-driven products that accelerate the improvement process faster than any alternative.

Here’s the story: we’re a company driven by shooters and engineers. Some of us grew up shooting guns off the back porch. Some of us grew up in families where guns were banned, including sticks made to imitate them.

All of us are data heads. 

We wanted objective data to improve our shooting, to analyze stuff the human eye can’t see. We wanted to train our neural pathways with quantitative and qualitative information to unlock rapid improvement, consistent performance, and perfect practice. So we created MantisX.

We eat our own dog food. We train with our products. And so do tens of thousands of others who are seeing improvement because of the unparalleled data and analysis that Mantis products provide.

Yes, US military and special forces train with Mantis. Yes, law enforcement in every state are improving with Mantis. Yes, shooters in over 60 countries use Mantis every day to practice and perfect their passion. 

Yes, Mantis can help you.  Mantis isn’t a magic bullet. We don’t make empty promises. Our products will give you all the information you need - but YOU have to be willing to work and be worked. Mantis isn’t for the ego-driven shooter who won’t listen. But if you’re willing, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can improve.

So, why might you have never heard of us? We’re not about the flashy pizazz, the expensive commercials, the big trade show booths, the full page glossy magazine ad, the lobbyist, or the purchased senator. We spend our money on R&D, product development, and serving our customers.  We invest in results. 

Our mission is to train one million shooters every year.  We're a good chunk of the way there.  And when we get there, we'll make it our mission to train two million.  We'll never stop improving, and, with Mantis, neither will you.

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